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About Woof It Up!

Lisa Harris: Woof Ip Up Business Owner and Dog Trainer

Hi, I'm Lisa Harris

Originally from the Fredericton area, I spent my childhood here until my family eventually moved us to Toronto.

I worked for years in the financial industry and developed a lot of the skills that I now use as a successful certified dog trainer.

Things such as business experience, being customer-oriented, developing effective systems, getting things done, and being results oriented have really helped me, and I believe my experience will set you and your dog up for success.

I recently moved to a small town – Lakeville Corner – with my husband Marlin, two dogs, Rousey (Female Boxer), and Diesel (Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog), and Cozmo (Old Fat Black Cat that rules the roost!) to start our new life.

So here I am, starting my own local dog training business with the freedom to take the time to really understand my clients’ needs and deliver consistent results that matter to them.

It all started in my own home...

I started to train a dog of my own in 2018 when we brought home our Boxer puppy, Rousey.

Due to the personality and traits of a Boxer, my family and I knew that training was essential in order to raise a dog with life skills and manners.

I spent hours researching best training methods, reading countless books, and implementing what we learned. Consequently, we have a wonderful dog that even non-dog lovers want to take her home.

Fast forward a few years and I received my Professional Dog Trainer certification through Susan McMullen at Canine Academy, worked at Companion Avenue in Toronto, and am now training dogs full time.

My experience expanded when we adopted a fear aggressive Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog and I fell in love with the process of helping him – and other dogs like him – to reduce their “big feelings” and I have since taught him the tools he needed to move past dogs without any big outbursts.

Digging deeper into fear-based behaviours, I now successfully  help families that have dogs with Separation Anxiety.

About Lisa Harris & Woof It Up! Dog Training

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Dog Training Services:

Services: Separation Anxiety Training For Dogs

Separation Anxiety Training

Help your dog feel safe, comfortable, and happy when left home alone.

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Services: Reactivity & Aggression Training For Dogs

Reactivity Training

Does your dog have big feelings towards other dogs? Stranger danger? I can help.

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Services: Dog Training

Dog Training

Does your dog need to learn some manners? Let's teach them the habits they'll need!

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Services: Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Have a new puppy - now what? Include me in your journey to a happy and confident dog.

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Services: Dog Training Consultations

Professional Consultations

I'll review undesirable behaviours & provide real recommendations.

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