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In-Home Dog training for Fredericton, Oromocto & Beyond

Let's change your dog's undesirable behaviour with 1-1, customized in-home dog and puppy training that suits your family's lifestyle

At home dog training plus supportive coaching sessions to help you immediately apply your dog’s new skills.
Mobile, In-Home, 1-1 Dog Trainers Fredericton, New Brunswick

In-Home Dog training near Fredericton, Oromocto & Beyond

Let's change your dog's undesirable behaviour with 1-1, customized in-home dog and puppy training that suits your family's lifestyle.

At home dog training plus supportive coaching sessions to help you immediately apply your dog’s new skills.
In-Home Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainers in Fredericton, New Brunswick

We take both ends of the leash into consideration with our customized training programs

Some dogs have “big feelings”. It is not always easy to diagnose a dog’s root behavior.  And when they present with undesirable behaviours, you feel frustrated and want to help your dog so everyone in the family can feel good. 

Some undesirable behaviours:

By identifying a dog’s root behaviours, we reduce any ‘big feelings’ they experience and empower them to cope with stressful situations that will increase their confidence, happiness and overall good behaviour.

Let’s increase your dog’s confidence, happiness and teach desirable behaviours the whole family will feel good about.

Meet your dog trainer, Lisa Harris

I understand what it’s like to have unhappy and stressed-out dogs. I bet you have days where you feel like you are at a loss to figure out where things have gone awry.  


After years of working with numerous dogs and their owners, dealing with undesirable behaviours I am happy to report we now have clients’ dogs who have overcome a slew of challenges but it took time.


I utilize fear-free and force-free dog training techniques that involve clicker training, positive reinforcement, empathy, and methods that are proven to not only work effectively but have a long-lasting effect as well.

Imagine the transformation & positive difference in your dog’s life and yours:

We can effectively work on these and more undesirable behaviours with ethical and positive training techniques.

Here Are A Few Success Stories:

Lisa is an amazing trainer! Our dog Champ is people-reactive and a bite risk. We needed help figuring out how to manage him around triggers and reinforce positive behaviours. After working with Lisa, the difference in Champ is amazing. I now know how to support and direct him when he is stressed, and Champ has become a much less anxious dog, able to take on new situations and interactions he would have really struggled with before. Lisa was clear, encouraging, and very empathetic when working with us. She has a very reasonable approach to training and makes it fun for both the owner and the dog. I would recommend her to anyone!
Jennifer Dallan
Lisa is amazing! We had a few trainers prior to her and Lisa was the only one whose training was a success. We originally hired Lisa to help with guarding and some behavioural issues. Lisa got to the root of what needed to be addressed. She was patient and provided such great direction to help with Smudge. A main concern of mine was getting Smudge to walk without pulling. By the end of our sessions, I could take Smudge for 1 hr walks (previously, I could only handle 15 min max before the pulling became too much). Thanks so much for your help Lisa! Smudge misses you 🙂
Alyssa Moscovitch
I stumbled upon Lisa’s dog training service by accident. She had a sign-up in Pet Smart. She called me back right away. We were desperate. We had two 10-month-old crazy Cockapoos. Murphy has anxiety, which Lisa identified right away and helped us address. Molly was the alpha and bossed her brother around. Together, they were crazy. Lisa came to our home, modelled strategies, and provided homework and feedback. She understands dog behaviour and is able to create training plans specific to the needs of each dog she works with. Our dogs loved her. We moved and no longer had access to Lisa, but she gave us foundational strategies and tips we use today. She is amazing at what she does. If you get a chance to work with her, take it. You won’t regret it.
Susan White

Let's help your dog by:

About Lisa Harris & Woof It Up! Dog Training

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We'll Talk.

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Then we'll find a time for me to come out and bring a personalized training plan.

Woof It Up! Dog Training Services Include:

Services: Separation Anxiety Training For Dogs

Separation Anxiety Training

Help your dog feel safe, comfortable, and happy when left home alone.

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Services: Reactivity & Aggression Training For Dogs

Reactivity Training

Does your dog have big feelings towards other dogs? Stranger danger? I can help.

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Services: Dog Training

Dog Training

Does your dog need to learn some manners? Let's teach them the habits they'll need!

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Services: Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Have a new puppy - now what? Include me in your journey to a happy and confident dog.

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Services: Dog Training Consultations

Professional Consultations

I'll review undesirable behaviours & provide real recommendations.

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Woof It Up! Dog Training offers personalized and effective, one-to-one (1-1), in-home dog and puppy training services that include separation anxiety training, reactivity training. dog training, puppy training, consultations and more in the Fredericton and Oromocto areas of New Brunswick.

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